Support Sustainability by Choosing an Eco-Friendly Composite Material for Your Deck

Australia is working toward sustainability with respect to solar power and the materials that are used for building and construction. One way that the country has improved how things are done in this respect is by featuring decking materials made of composite decking boards.

A Trending Type of Wood Substitute

If you want to find a sustainable alternative to timber, you should closely look at the benefits of Modwood in Brisbane. The material is made of reclaimed wood waste and repurposed plastic containers. This low-maintenance product is trending in Australia as it is both attractive and moisture-resistant. Because Modwood is made to resist water, it is ideal for a deck. However, you don’t want the product to be exposed to extremely damp conditions as too much water can lead to swelling.

Therefore, you need to make sure that this type of product is placed in a well-ventilated location so it can dry out. When installing the boards, check out to the end-to-end clearance on butt joins and the spacing between the planks. Also, inspect the ground clearance. Fixing instructions for the board usually provide details on ventilation.

No Problems with Warping

When using this type of product, you don’t want to box in your deck lest you prevent the cross air flow. Because the “wood” needs additional spacing between its boards so it dries out or stays dry, it is never used for cladding. Whilst this material may swell if it is not dried out or left in too damp of a spot, it will never warp. As long as it is fixed correctly, it will prove to be reliable and warping will be avoided.

A Child-Friendly Product

When you use a composite board not made solely of wood, you will find that splinters no longer develop. Therefore, this type of decking material should be used if you have small children in your household. There is less likelihood that they will cut themselves or get hurt.

When choosing a colour of Modwood, be advised that the hue fades after a couple months. However, the material does resist UV radiation. The UV stabilisation results from the plastic that is used in this composite building product.

Choosing a colour is important as the darker colours of Jarrah and Black Bean can become rather hot underfoot. If you use your deck often, the darker flooring can scorch the backs of your feet. Therefore, you will need to wear sandals if you select a darker colour.

Removing Scratches

The best way to use this type of material is to use it for decking that is partially or fully covered. Homeowners like the substitute wood product as it does not show scratches easily and conveys a timber-like texture. Any scratches that appear can be removed by a sander or wire brush.

When choosing boards, select brushed textures over smooth surfaces as they will feel cooler underfoot. Add a decking stain or oil-based paint to the material if you would like to enrich its looks or reduce the incidence of fading. Review your product options carefully and learn more about fixing the product correctly. Go online and buy Modwood from a reputable supplier in your area.

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